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Welcome to The Village Green Gallery online! Read about our resident artists below and check out the blog to catch up on recent gallery happenings! If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please don’t hesitate … Continue reading


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Nobushi spent his formative years in a village in the mountains of Nagano, Japan before moving to US. He studied photography with William A. Garnett at U.C. Berkeley while pursuing a degree in architecture, and during summer breaks he joined … Continue reading

Chikako Suginome

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Chikako was born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan  Although she is an accomplished artist, she received no formal art training.  During a particularly difficult time in her early childhood, she was confined to a plaster cast from the waist and … Continue reading

Rebecca Zelis

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Since I was a child I collected the seashells and stones that I now incorporate into my jewelry. I take objects that are not thought of as valuable and by treating them as precious reveal the natural beauty of their … Continue reading

Nick Kekic

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Nicholas Kekic was born in Canandaigua, New York in 1972 into a glassmaking family. His grandfather worked at an industrial glass makings facility for General Electric for forty-two years and his father, Thomas, was an artist, teacher and craftsman who … Continue reading

Eric Sprenger

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For over twenty years I have enjoyed a fulfilling career creating wood objects. I have been very fortunate to make a living producing the quality of Design and Workmanship that is both challenging and rewarding. While my work has evolved, … Continue reading

Lochlin Smith

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Lochlin Revere Smith was born in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1947, the son of prominent Westchester County, New York painter, portrait artist and illustrator Lawrence Beall Smith, and Winn Revere Smith, also a talented visual artist.  Early in life, Lochlin realized … Continue reading

Lucy Bergamini

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Art, Science and Asian Culture has been her passion since childhood and the major themes o her life. Lucy studied art at the California College of Arts, was a student of the Italian glass masters and has studied Herbal Medicine, … Continue reading

Mary Stone

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Mary stone, a whistle maker for almost 20 years, has worked with clay throughout her adult life with special emphasis on hand-formed “pinch” potter. Her clay whistles are lovingly sculpted figures and animals, each a unique exploration of the creatures … Continue reading

Jean Meinhardt

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Jean’s work in clay has always focused on the thrown form. Early in her career most of her time was spent throwing. “The constant repetition of form helped to develop technical expertise on the wheel, and refine my sensitivity to … Continue reading

Susan Kramer

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I have always had an affinity for abstract painting. In college I studied the masters with great envy for their timing and success. I was drawn to the large color blocks of Rothko and Hoffman and to the bold black … Continue reading

David Gessner

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An appreciation of nature, a passion for woodworking and a desire to create beautiful objects with his hands led David Gessner from the foot of the Ramapo mountains in New York and a career in medical sciences to settle in … Continue reading